Romeo Pro LE (Label Edition)

Romeo Pro 50LE

(No longer available)

The Romeo Pro-LE was originally designed for pharmaceutical industry with the  special requirements of Braille label production in mind, and is based on the popular Romeo Pro 50 Braille embosser.

The Romeo Pro-LE can also produce braille to the Marburg Medium standard required for Pharmaceutical packaging in the E.C.

The Romeo Pro-LE offers the highest quality Braille in the industry coupled with legendary Romeo quality and reliability making this product the ideal choice for your most challenging label production requirements.   The standard model produces a narrower 24 Braille character line and has been optimized for the highest speed on narrow label stock. 

The Romeo Pro-LE is fully compatible with the Braille label modes incorporated into the DBT Braille translator offered by Duxbury Systems.  When coupled with this innovative software package, sold separately, your Romeo Pro-LE can easily be installed into an automated label production system.  The Romeo Pro-LE standard features include:

  • Adjustable vertical label sizes from 0.5 inches to 4.0 inches in 0.25 inch increments
  • Produces approximately 4,500, 1.5 inch by 6 inch labels, in one hour
  • ET Speaks for automatic speech feedback as you use your Romeo Pro-LE
  • Single Sheet Tractors let you emboss up to 22 lines on 11 inch non tractor paper (such as letterhead or other special media) by hand-feeding one sheet at a time through the embosser
  • 6 or 8-dot Braille
  • Impact adjustment


Description SKU # Price
Romeo Pro 50LE (40 cell) Please call
Romeo Pro 50LE (24 cell) Please call

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