Focus on Braille Music

“Focus on Braille Music.”

By Lisette Wesseling.

(Published by Musicians in Focus Ltd.)

At last an up to date, UK produced book, which is aimed at teaching braille music!!

The author is a professional choral and soprano, who has been using braille music for more years than it would be polite to say.  To quote directly from the book:-


This book is intended for use by any braille reading person, of whatever age.  If a child enjoys and is motivated to read braille, knows most contractions, and can discriminate dot numbers he can use this book.  I have tried to keep the language simple and free of jargon, so that even the youngest child can read and understand it.  The best motivator for any child is to understand how something can benefit them.  If a child can see that, by learning braille music, he can teach his class new tunes, be the band leader, write his own compositions down etc., he will want to learn.”

Although each can be used independently of each other, the print book shows ink-print braille of all the examples of stave (print) notation.  Sections are also cross-referenced to sections in the braille version, and vice versa, making it easier for teacher and student to work together.

Sample Pages.

We have provided two example pages in PDF format which you may download and print out.  These are just over a Megabyte in size.

Focus Page 1     Focus Page 107

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for sighted teachers working together with blind students
  • Braille version contains Print Page References
  • Print version contains Braille Page References
  • Appendices with useful diagrams, definitions and lists of relevant publications and suppliers including braille music software from TVS


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Focus On Braille Music (Braille Version) F/BMB £25.00
Focus On Braille Music (Print Version) F/BMP £25.00