Upgrading OBR

Upgrading OBR

New version 3.7 now available

Neovision proudly announces the new OBR version 3.7. This release adds the ability to scan and recognize large Braille prints using A3 scanners. The list of OBR supported scanners has been updated, too.

This release comes in two versions – Standard and Extended. In the Extended version, you can scan and recognize large Braille prints using A3 scanners. When using large flatbed scanners, you can place whole Braille document onto the glass and process it in single scan, without the need of additional merging. As the result, you can process more pages in less time. See more details on Extended version page.

Upgrade for free

The registered users of previous OBR versions can get the upgrade to version 3.7 for free. If you are not yet registered, you can do it easily right now, just by filling out our online registration form. Once registered, you will be contacted via e-mail with instructions how to download the new version, together with updated manual.

If you purchased the OBR version prior to 3.5 and you want to use a new, previously not supported scanner (i.e. with the TWAIN interface), you will need a different light correction filter. The new scanners does not work properly with the old type of filter. Contact your OBR distributor and ask for a new type of filter.

In addition to free upgrade, you can also order additional A3 extension pack to add the scanning support for large scanners.