OBR 3.8 Technical Data

OBR 3.8 Technical Data


Operating system Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Maximal scanning area A4 in Standard, unlimited in Extended version
Recognition quality 99.98%, i.e. 1-2 wrong dots on a page
Braille paper colour from bright white to brown
Braille page size unlimited (can merge from smaller scans)
Braille page type single and double sided, 6 and 8 dot cells
Braille cells size from 2.2 mm to 3.2 mm dot distance

Supported scanners

  • BENQ

    S2W 450


    LiDE 100, LiDE 200, CanoScan 3200F, CanoScan 4200F, CanoScan 4400F, CanoScan 5200F, CanoScan 5600F, CanoScan 8800F


    Perfection 1260, Perfection 1660, Perfection 1670, Perfection 3200, Perfection V30, Perfection V33, Perfection V300, Perfection V330, GT10000+ *

  • Hewlett Packard

    HP 2C, HP 2200C, HP 2300C, HP 2400, HP 3C, HP 3400C, HP 3500C, HP 3570C, HP 3670C, HP 3690C, HP 3970C, HP 4C, HP 4P, HP 4100C, HP 4300C, HP 4470C, HP 4600C, HP 5P, HP 5100C, HP 5200C, HP 6100C, HP 6200C, HP 6300C

  • Microtek

    ScanMaker X6, ScanMaker V12USL, ScanMaker X12USL

  • Mustek

    BearPaw 1200, BearPaw 1200CP, BearPaw 1200F, BearPaw 1200CS, BearPaw 1200TA, BearPaw 1200UB, BearPaw 2400, Power Pro, ScanExpress A3 *

  • Plustek

    OpticBook 3600

  • UMAX

    Astra 1600, Astra 2000P, Astra 2100U, Astra 4500, Astra 4700, Astra 6400, Astra 6450. PowerLook 2100XL *

  • Visioneer

    OneTouch 7600, OneTouch 8100, OneTouch 8600, OneTouch 8700

* A3 scanners require Extended version of OBR for unlimited scanning area

Supported embossers

  • Index Braille

    All models

Special thanks to the following companies for help and cooperation with testing:
Actebis Computer, Alzasoft, ASC Bohemia, Canon CZ, ConQuest, EPSON, ExtraPoint, Hewlett-Packard, MacSource, Merit, UMAX Czech.