GOODFEEL (Braille Music Translator)

(Version 3.2)

Transcribe Braille Music Quickly, Automatically and Accurately

Are you a blind singer or instrumentalist who needs to have braille scores quickly? Are you an educator or rehabilitation professional serving blind musicians who has no time to learn to be a braille music transcriber? GOODFEEL can help you. GOODFEEL automatically converts several kinds of music files to braille; the same files used to print the score for sighted players. To prepare and transcribe these files with GOODFEEL, you do not need to know how to read braille music!

Fast and Flexible

Transcribe a single part, selected parts, or an entire score in seconds! GOODFEEL features integrated literary braille translation for most western languages so you can transcribe both the words and the tune.

Sighted non-specialists can scan/import/enter print music notation, and convert to what we call an accessible score for a blind musician to read. Accessible scores present the music in any combination of the following: verbal descriptions, musical cues, and braille music notation. We also like to call accessible scores �braille music with training wheels.� Braille scores in the following formats can be produced: Instrumental, Keyboard, Vocal, and instrumental full score.

Blind Musicians Independently Produce Print Music Scores

Blind users can type or play music in, add required details such as lyrics, dynamics, etc., and print the music out in standard staff notation for sighted teachers, colleagues or students.

U.K. Formatting

GOODFEEL can be configured to conform closely to the formatting conventions used for braille Music production in the U.K.

Lite Version

GOODFEEL Lite gives you all the features of the full product but limits you to just one of these formats: instrumental music, vocal parts, keyboard or full score.

Supports All Versions of Windows (Including both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows7)

How does it all work?

  1. Scan the print score with SharpEye (optional step).
  2. Use Lime to enter/edit the score using your Qwerty or musical keyboard
  3. Proofread or audition your piece.
  4. Emboss or edit braille notation using GOODFEEL.

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Description Item No. Price
Goodfeel, Lime & Sharpeye SWGF3 Please Call
Goodfeel Lite, Lime & Sharpeye SWGFL3 Please Call
Upgrade from Version 2.6 Please Call
Upgrade from Version 2.5 Please Call
LimeAloud – Includes Lime and the SharpEye Music Reader (music OCR) software Please Call