Everest V4 Paper Jams

It’s a fact of life with any sheet fed device, be it an ink-jet printer, photocopier or whatever, that occasionally a paper jam will occur.  A braille embosser is no exception. Some times this is simply due to requiring a minor adjustment, but if you do suffer a paper jam, we hope the following will allow you to clear it quickly.

There are two main ways to remove paper which has become jammed in the Everest V4.

1) Access via the glass front panel.

In order to give access to the front rollers where you see paper jammed, you need to remove the two screws shown below. You can do this with your fingers, a small coin, or a screwdriver.

Everest V4 showing right hand screw

Everest V4 showing right hand screw


Having removed the screws, you now need to move the glass downwards, usually by putting a screwdriver in the hole and pressing downwards.  This will allow you to see the top edge of the glass, which can then be eased slightly forward as shown below.

Everest with glass eased slightly forward

Everest with glass eased slightly forward

Remove the glass completely by lifting upwards.  Be careful to place the glass in a safe position while you continue.

Everest V4 with Glass Removed

Everest V4 with glass removed

 You now have access to the rollers where paper may be jammed.  You should be able to twist the rollers round with your fingers if needs be.

Re-assembly is simply the above in reverse, but remember to ease the back panel back upwards to align the two screw holes.

2) Access via the bottom.

In order to do this, you will have to remove the embosser from the cabinet, remove any connected cables, and gently place the machine on its back.

You will see on each side two white plastic paper guides.  These need to be moved away from the side and out of the hole they are located into.

Everest from the bottom right

Everest from the bottom right

As shown below is far enough.  Be aware that when both are removed.  Note that there are 4 holes on each side for the guide to locate into.  We will explain why later.

Everest V4 with plastic guide slid out
Everest with guide slid out

The following image, with both guides slip out, now allows the underside paper guide to swing towards you, and reveal the rollers from below.

Everest V4 with both guides slid out

Everest V4 with both plastic guides slid out
revealing the rollers from below

You may now remove any paper by turning the rollers with your fingers.

Replacement is simply the reverse of the above.

PAPER GUIDE:  The purpose of this guide is to alter the angle at which the embossed paper comes out of the bottom of the embosser.

If the machine is standing on a desk, or in an Everest level bottomed cabinet, the plastic guides should be replaced using the holes closest to the rollers. 

If you are using an Index 4×4 cabinet, which has a sloping output tray, or indeed very thick braille paper, you can use the holes further away from the rollers.  This will eject the paper at more of a downward angle.