Index Everest (Version 5)


Double and single sided embosser for cut sheet paper This embosser is unique in its class. The Index Everest is a double sided (interpoint) and single sided fast Braille embosser, with stable handing of cut sheet paper at an economic price. It is easy to use and produces very high quality Braille. This makes the Everest by far the most-used embosser of its kind for printing Braille on single sheets.

The Braille printout from Everest is ready to be used immediately. Compare this with a traditional Braille embosser where the continuous fan-fold embossed paper has to be separated, and the sprocket-holes have to be removed.

Stable paper handling The Everest sheet feeder is very stable, with a fault frequency below 5 sheets per 1000 when correctly installed and using suitable paper. To maintain stable paper handling it is necessary to clean the pick-up rollers regularly – talk to us at Techno-Vision about regular maintenance. Techno-Vision also supplies paper for use in your Everest.

Load with seventy sheets The sheet feeder can be loaded with up to 70 sheets of Braille paper; you can adjust the intake to the paper size you are using. The advantage of this large paper magazine is that Everest can emboss for more than half an hour before you need to refill.

High-volume operation The Everest model 2002, with improved hammers, maintains the print head temperature below 37�C, (99�F) during continuous Braille production. This makes the Everest even more suitable for large volume production.

Speech guided user interface Everest is controlled by an ink and Braille labeled front panel. Combined with the speech feedback it is easy to install and operate by blind and sighted users alike.

Professional sheet feeder The sheet feeder can easily be adjusted for different paper sizes. Moving the margin guides to the correct position and locking them sets the width. Automatic sensing of a reference page sets the page length. It can safely handle most types of paper quality from copy paper to card stock paper.

Braille quality The Braille quality of the Everest is one of the best on the market. It has well-formed dots that will last for a long time even if thin “copy paper” is used. The design of the forming procedure reduces the risk of holes or cracked dots. A cracked dot has a limited lifetime. The capability of producing Braille on thinner paper is an important step in reducing costs and is also environmentally beneficial.

Noise level The noise level of Everest is lower than that of most Braille embossers on the market. Using Everest together with the optional Everest Acoustic Hood reduces the noise to a level below what is normally is acceptable in offices. The optimized professional design makes maintenance accessible and easy all around the world.


Description Item No. Price
Index Everest PBEVEREST £3.195.00
Acoustic Cabinet PBEVEREST/AC £950.00


Technical Tips – Dealing with the occasional paper jam.