Enabling Technologies Braille Embossers


We are a Factory-Authorised repair centre for Enabling Techologies braille embossers, providing full warranty and after sales support on embossers we supply. Even if not purchased from ourselves, we are happy to offer what help and assistance we can. If you wish to view a PDF of our Certificate of Training from Enabling Technologies please click here.

Single-sided embossers

Romeo Attache and Pro (Portable) Romeo 25 Romeo Pro 50 (includes Moon font) Romeo Pro LE (Label Edition) (Also for Pharmaceutical use) Thomas (includes Moon font) Thomas Pro (includes Moon font) Marathon

Graphic and Braille Embosser


Double-sided embossers

Juliet Classic (includes Moon font) Juliet Pro (includes Moon font) Juliet Pro 60 (includes Moon font) ET (includes Moon font)

Production Embossers

Bookmaker (includes Moon font) Braille Express 100 Braille Express 150 (includes Moon font) BraillePlace