Braille Printers (Embossers)

We are proud to both sell and support braille embossers from two of the world’s leading manufacturers.


Enabling Braille Printers

Index Braille Printers

We provide full support and service on all units sold, and in addition have full repair facilities with factory trained staff in our workshop in Northampton.

Even if you have NOT purchased one of the above makes of embosser from ourselves, we are happy to discuss the undertaking of repairs and servicing.

For more details of our service and repair facilities please click here

NOTE:  Many users with older embossers which have no USB output port, call us with a view to purchasing a new embosser which has a USB connection, simply because their new system does not have a parallel port.  They are usually surprised when we suggest that they can resolve their problem for around £15 inc VAT.

We do supply one which we know for certain works.