Braille Input Keyboard


Braille Input Keyboard


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The operational side was designed by ourselves, and hence you have a completely dumb, unintelligent, braille keyboard, which simply plugs into a USB port and is automatically recognised by the PC.

There are no bells and whistles to complicate things.  And it’s WYBIWYG – What You Braille Is What You Get.  Ideal for brailling direct into a Duxbury Braille file.

Galatee will not only win you over with its elegant design, but also with its
ergonomically shaped keys, which support a slightly angular and therefore
more comfortable and less tense hand posture. The keystroke is extremely
smooth and the rubber surface of every single key combines good grip
with pleasing material.

8 (rectangular) Braille keys with rubber surface;
4 (round) Cursor keys; 4 (rectangular) thumb keys;
1 (round) special key;

Dimension & weight of the case: 210 mm x 100 mm x 35 mm, 285 grams, power provided via the USB cable, operates with all well-established USB versions plus Linux

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