GOODFEEL® Braille Music Translator

Accessible Music Notation Suite of Software from Dancing Dots

GOODFEEL® lets you convert print scores to braille music quickly, automatically and accurately. Blind musicians can review braille score with optional verbal and musical cues and independently create print scores of their musical ideas.

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New with GOODFEEL® 3.2

GOODFEEL® 3.2 works without limitation on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms of Windows7 and Vista and can still run under Windows98, ME, 2000, and XP. Testing under Windows8 is going well and we hope to announce official support soon.

  • The JAWS-based Lime Aloud access method to the Lime notation software included works with JAWS versions 6.2 through version 14. Sighted users do not need JAWS to use SharpEye, Lime or GOODFEEL®.
  • Lime Aloud has improved descriptions for barlines, chord symbols and finger numbers.
  • Lime Aloud has improved support for Spanish and German.
  • Improved MusicXML import especially to properly interpret accidentals from the Dolet for Sibelius plug-in. .
  • N. B. After running the GOODFEEL® installation program, in order to set up proper Windows file associations, the Lime notation software must be run once under a user profile with full administrative privileges.

Hear what some customers have to say about GOODFEEL®.

“I simply would not have been able to survive professionally over the last ten years either as a concert performer (harpsichord, clavichord and fortepiano) or as Professor of Harpsichord and Early Music Performance Practice at Trinity College of Music, London, but for my discovery of GOODFEEL®.I do use the scanning facility (SharpEye) as well as employing sighted musicians who, of course need to know nothing about Braille Music, to create Lime Files which GOODFEEL® translates for me into scores which I can use on my own and in classes which I teach. I have worked together with these “transcribers” to develop a method of writing figured bass, which is invaluable in meeting the rapid demands of students. You can imagine that I am often asked to coach someone who is performing within a few days of asking and, without GOODFEEL® and Lime, this would be absolutely impossible. In fact, I once was able to read, and therefore teach a Scarlatti vocal work two days after mailing the print copy to the [Lime] “transcriber”. This speed, of course, would have been unthinkable in the days of “normal” print to Braille transcription. I hope this gives you at least a summary of my reliance, as a blind professional musician, on GOODFEEL®, and my profound gratitude for it.”

John Henry, Professor of Harpsichord and Lecturer in Performance Practice, Trinity College of Music, London, UK 

“GOODFEEL® helps me to proofread. I’ve caught many mistakes by inputting sections of music into Lime with the MIDI connection and then checking the braille in the editor. It is a terrific tool.”

Ruth R., Braille music transcriber 

“I am a Suzuki piano teacher at a school that seems to eat up repertoire. All the teachers and students are sighted and there is a fabulous music store here which gives everyone access to almost anything we want. With help from my reader, I can use SharpEye, Lime and GOODFEEL® to scan and translate a piece even a day before a student’s lesson. I also use GOODFEEL® to transcribe midi files off the Web–hymns that are due for my job the following Sunday. I appreciate the immediacy the programs afford. It certainly makes me a better prepared and more competitive teacher in competitions class work and private lessons.”

DH from Iowa“Over the last few years, the GOODFEEL® software has helped me to print out new music and to compose my own pieces of music. Without this software I would not be where I am today in my music education and music-making. It has made it easier for me to learn music by listening to it and reading it as a braille score. I can print my own compositions for a sighted person to read. It is so amazing how other people sighted or not can play my music. I play the flute and it is wonderful how I can learn any piece of music that my flute teacher gives me.

No matter what technical problems I have had the people at Dancing Dots have always helped me to overcome them. My aim in life is to become a music teacher and I am sure I will be able to achieve this with this wonderful software.”

Holly Natalie Tuke, UK
Enjoy listening to Holly playing a piece for flute which she learned from a braille music score.