8: Don’t Use Tabs And Spaces To Position Text On The Page

You shouldn’t need to use tabs at all; use styles instead, which won’t do strange things to your Braille layout. Word has an in-built style called Normal Indent. It looks like this:

                This paragraph is Normal Indent Style.

When this paragraph is imported into Duxbury, it will be treated as if it is formatted in Normal Style – it won’t be indented in your Braille file other that the normal for braille.


If you need more indents, set up some more Word Styles for larger indents; you do this by choosing Format, Styles and Formatting, and clicking New Style. Base your new style on Normal, and then go to Modify, Paragraph and use the dialog box there to set the indents for your new Style:



If you must use tabs, only use the tab key once by setting a tab stop – don’t press the tab key repeatedly, because it won’t be possible to accurately predict what will happen when it is translated to Braille. Note in the image below how between 1 and 3 tabs have been used to align the right hand column.