Downloads (Free)

These files have been provided by users totally free and for the benefit of others. To all intents and purposes they are copyright, and specifically not intended for commercial use.

All downloads are in *.zip format for security reasons.

Braille Pocket Calendar.

Duxbury users may appreciate what is essentially intended to be a pocket calendar.  Intended to be produced on 12 inch deep by 9.5 inch wide braille paper, 3 months are embossed on each page, then cut in to single 4 inch deep pages.

Calendar 2021

Calendar 2020

Calendar 2019

UEB Wall Chart – A3 print size

This is a basic chart or crib sheet, showing many aspects of Unified English Braille


Tactile Graph Paper (for use with Duxbury)

This is a folder containing a variety of graph paper formats produced by one of our educational users.  The file names pretty much describe each one.


Duxbury Braille Translator (Version 12.5 sr2) for Windows or Mac

This is a demonstration version.  However if your current license entitles you to upgrade, you may use this file.

If you are an existing user, you may also use your existing License Text to make it a 45 day, fully working version.  However, after 45 days, it will revert to a demonstration version.  Your existing version will not be affected.

[27th April 2021] Just released


[25th January 2021] Just released


Mathematics for braille and large print

MathType 7 is software designed to allow the entry of mathematical material into Word for Windows. One advantage is the ability to enlarge equations for those who need large print. The second is that Word files opened in the Duxbury Braille Translator, recognise MathType content, and apply appropriate math braille rules.

You may download here to obtain a one month fully working trial version.